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Person Eating BROOKSIDE Chocolates with a Guitar in the Background

Celebrate Ballsy Moves

We are the daring ball of dark chocolate and exotic fruit flavors created for women who dare. We champion these women in our newest campaign. Hear their stories below


The Daring Ball of Chocolate

We mix, fuse, and experiment with flavors, such as acai, pomegranate, and goji, until we uncover the most interesting and delicious dark chocolate combinations. The result? Tart is zingy, dark is sweet, and chocolate is ballsy!

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A little dark. A little sweet. A lotta moxie.

The BROOKSIDE women are risk takers, trailblazers, trendsetters and pioneers. Each one breaks the mold. And #ThatsBallsy.

Beth Harrington

Beth Harrington

A Creator Who Breaks the Mold

Meet Beth Harrington, triple threat. She’s an independent writer, producer and director who clearly isn’t afraid to step outside her comfort zone and try something new. Including us.

Patricia Kelly

Patricia Kelly

A Trailblazer Who Won’t Be Saddled with Boring

This daring veteran and 2014 CNN Hero recently rededicated herself to philanthropy. She’s far from your typical septuagenarian, which explains why she likes a bolder dark chocolate.

Lizz Winstead

Lizz Winstead

A Standout Stand-up

The co-creator and former head writer of The Daily Show, Lizz Winstead makes us laugh. She makes us think. And we make her reach for dark chocolate. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

Cara-Beth Burnside

Cara-Beth Burnside

A Competitor Taking on the Status Quo

This Olympic skateboarder and X Games gold medalist has spent her life and career paving the way for female athletes. Along the way, she was inducted into the 2015 Skateboarding Hall of Fame. Now #ThatsBallsy.

Tish & Snooky

Tish & Snooky

Two Sisters on a Colorful Mission

These sisters, style icons and Manic Panic founders have transformed hair into a medium for self-expression. They have proven you can wear any hair color at any age.

Show us. We dare you.

Share how you live life on your own terms using #ThatsBallsy.

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